Happy 4/20

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbHIn honor of 4/20 we present the TIC Cannibus Challenge.

To prepare simply go to any of San Francisco’s parks (Golden Gate or Dolores recommended) take a few deep breaths and then perform the following tasks:

Write a one-sentence essay using a single word.

Wonder out loud what a 3-D paper cut would feel like. 

Discuss whether or not a 3-D cut is considered a pre–existing condition if you live in a 2-D world.

Debate the nutritional value of Scooby snacks.

Contemplate an entire universe on a grain of sand.  What would it smell like?

Do a paint by irrational numbers masterpiece.

Design a meme park.

List all the possible meanings of life. Now, wonder what they would taste like dipped in chocolate.

Tie-dye your favorite Neru jacket. Then wish you hadn’t.