Happy Halloween

Did you know that a 49-gram chocolate bar has a carbon footprint of about 169 grams? An interesting and important fact...especially during Halloween. But at The Imagineering Company we are more concerned about a different environmental concern—our verbal footprint. So, we conducted a verbal footprint audit of popular Halloween candies. Here are the results:

Verbal Footprint Audit of Halloween Candy*
Snickers: 2 Vgrams**
Nestles: 13 Vgrams
Hershey’s: 45 Vgrams
Reeses: 3.5 Vgrams
M & Ms: 0 Vgrams
Whatchamacallit: 51 Vgrams
Kit Kat: 2 Vgrams       
Nerds: .1 Vgrams
Mounds: 2.3 Vgrams

*For a more complete list of candy and their associated verbal  footprint please contact the Imagineering Company Audit Department.
 **Vgrams=Verbal footprint measurement. Think of it like word fat. Too much leads to verbal obesity.

Q & A
What is a verbal footprint?
It is a measure of the impact our activities have on the environment, and in particular climate change. It relates to the amount of greenhouse gases produced in our day-to-day lives through talking, texting, tweeting and updating. 

Are candies with a 0 verbal footprint better for the environment?
Yes. Less means more when it comes to your verbal footprint.

How should candies with a high Vi  be disposed?
We suggest disposing of them digestively.

Can I determine the Verbal Footprint on my own?
Doubtful. It’s a very complicated algorithm. We suggest you have one of our licensed auditors help you.

Where can I buy candies with a low verbal footprint?
Wherever you buy verbs...and nouns...mostly the proper ones.

How can I get more information on this important issue?
Please contact us at: