Live and in Person. No 3D Glasses Required.

The Imagineering Company delivered its first live workshop at UC Berkeley’s Communications Conference(BC2). The workshop called—Top Tips and Tricks for Writing Great Copy for the Web and Beyond—was an interactive, slightly irreverent and visually entertaining adventure into the world of content creation. Julie captured the audience with her sizzling discussion of voice and tone while Susan charmed the crowd with her ability to juggle jargon. But it was Lloyd Dangle, a cartoonist and graphic recorder that stole the show with his humorous drawings. There wasn’t a dry pen in the house. Get a sneak peak below:

Course Description
Are you discontent? Do you struggle when faced with the prospect of writing an email or creating content for a web site?
Do your blog posts give you indigestion? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you may be in need of content enlightenment. Lucky for you, The Imagineering Company’s workshop: “Top Tips and Tricks for Writing Great Copy for the Web and Beyond” is here.