Live Blogging Coverage from my Desk—May 1, 2012

Occupy Imagineering May Day Celebration Protest

10:00 Imagineering Company assembles outside of office.

10:02 Julie rallies Susan with inspiring speech.

10:03 Susan listens attentively but gets distracted as evidenced by this blog which she is writing simultaneously.

10:35 Julie leads company forum on slogan development for May Day Posters.  

11:35 Susan uses crowd sourcing app to raise funds for lunch.

12:00 Lunch break.  

12:35 Susan delivers an emotionally charged speech to Julie about the dangers of using too many overinflated, superannuated words…and anything in ALL CAPS.  

1:18 Julie corrects Susan’s spelling and syntax.

1:19 Susan is amazed by Julie’s ability to hear misspellings.

1:20 Susan gets sidetracked by the homonyms: syntax and sin tax.

2:00 Cops arrive on the scene and disemvowel the crowd. They impose capitalization punishment.

3:00 Susan and Julie take the Occupy Imagineering Pledge
promising to only use 99% of all words and casting off the other 1%.

3:02 Susan publically apologizes for 2:00 blog entry.

1:45  Solidarity march against the thesaurus in Union Square and some light window shopping.

3:30 Julie leads participants in chant: Write makes right.

3:59 Phone rings.

4:00 Conference call with client.