Live Blogging Coverage from my Desk

Cinco De Mayo

10:00 Imagineering Company morning meeting in Spanish Espanol.

10:02  Complimentary tequila lattes for all employees.

10:04 Julie stuffs the company piñata with candied Scrabble pieces.

10:07 Susan becomes mesmerized by the fact that the computer automatically puts that squiggly line above the n in piñata without asking it to.

10:10 Susan continues to type piñata over and over again.

12:00 Julie and Susan take turns verbally lashing the piñata until  contents burst out.

12:18 Susan introduces new product idea— Word Piñatas™.

12:20 Julie Pinstagrams it.

1:02 Susan fixates on her dislike of mayo. It threatens her ability to concentrate and temporarily derails plans for mass-producing Word Piñatas™.

1:05 Mayo free lunch break.

1:22 Julie checks out her social status on

2:02 Susan tries to convince Julie to start a movement called Ocho de Mayo.

2:03 Julie responds with blank stare.

2:04 Susan acknowledges victory.

2:07 Phone rings. Who will answer it first?