Sweet Indulgence

So, you just finished a successful night of trick or treating. You’ve got a bag full of candy. It’s been organized, traded and reorganized. Now, it’s time to develop an eating strategy that allows you to consume your candy-coated stockpile without any guilt. Sound impossible? Well, the verbal nutritionists at The Imagineering Company (who trained at the Cliff Bar Institute) took the liberty of rethinking some of our favorite candies

This candyenergy bar is filled with nuts which everyone knows is an important source of protein. And, if you choose the mini size, think of all the calories you're saving.

Candy Corn
OK this is a no brainer—it’s got a vegetable in its names—so it’s got to be good for you.

Almond Joy
Consider this the trifecta of healthy ingredients—coconut water, dark chocolate and almonds.

Dark Chocolate
It’s good for your heart. And it’s filled with flavanoids which rhymes with humanoids.

Jolly Ranchers
Very low in calories, no saturated fat and they take forever to finish. So, if you amortize the calories over time it is practically nothing.

Again…the name says it all. And it has no grams of fat. So, put the dum dum down and eat the Smarties.

Laffy Taffy
No added fat, Vitamin C and kinesthesiologists have shown that laughter burns calories.

OK, write this down. No nutritional value whatsoever.