The Costuming of Halloween

Halloween is only a few hours away. So, it’s your last chance to figure what to dress up as.  And no, you can’t wear your costume from last year. That’s just so last year.  So, what’s it going to be? Will you pay homage to the sadly overlooked mummy or not so popular hobglobin? Or will you opt for the trendier vampire or apocalyptic zombie? Well, if none of those ideas bring horror to your heart why not try one of these San Francisco inspired Halloween costumes?
Microclimates. Halloween night might be sunny in the Mission, foggy in the Richmond and freezing near Ocean Beach. Spooky, right? So go ahead and pick your favorite meteorological atmospheric pressure zone and rain on. 
           Plastic Bags. Those evil devices created by Satan himself are not only environmentally unfriendly but very uncool.
           Long Lines. This scream inducing condition is rampant in SF…from restaurants and bakeries to barber shops and food trucks.
Meter Maids. You know those soulless ghouls making the ever elusive parking spot even more rare…and a lot more expensive.
Public nudity. Just remember to bring some seat covers in case you want to sit down. It’s the law.
          Rent.Yeah, it’s so blood curdling high here people are charging by the square inch rather than the square foot. 
          Hipsterism. Hipsters, loners and all other indie types please Instagram yourself to a new town. Stat. 
          Propositions. Especially the paranormal ones. 
          Medical marijuana. Or coffee. Or both.