Chaia Tacos

Can vegetarian tacos be even more delicious than meaty ones?

To be honest, we were pretty skeptical at first. But one taco later, make that many, we were convinced. Chaia Tacos, a small, beloved taco shop founded in Washington, DC, uses only the freshest seasonal vegetables, homemade salsas, and handmade tortillas. It’s fast, it’s casual, but most important, their tacos are insanely delicious. And that became the heart of the new brand positioning.

We worked with the two female founders to craft a compelling and authentic story that would help them expand to more locations. Rather than preach about the merits of eating your vegetables, we re-focused the brand on the flavors, ingredients, and taste—cueing deliciousness at every turn. We also spiced up the voice, revised the name from Chaia to Chaia Tacos, and made the brand equally appealing to vegetarians and carnivores.

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Scope: Strategic Messaging | Voice & Tone | Copywriting: Web, Menu, Promos
"We worked with TIC for a brand pivot that helped us refine our company’s messaging. We learned so much from Julie and Susan — the work they did had a profound impact on the way that we think about our core business."

Bettina Stern and Suzanne Simon