How do you raise the bar on gas grills?

Turns out, all gas grills are not created equal. Ferno Grills is proof. It’s the only gas grill that lets you raise and lower the burners so you can fast cook without burning and slow cook to perfection. With a proprietary firewheel, cooks can confidently master the flame…and the meal.

We just love it when a client comes to us with a unique, meaningful, and defensible point of differentiation. We get to work, defining the target audience, the problem we solve, the unique value proposition, and personality. Then, we collaborate with designers to make it sizzle and sell on the web. Let’s eat.

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Scope: Strategic Messaging | Voice & Tone | Copywriting: Web
“I went into our first session with Julie and Susan with no idea how the process would unfold. It was immediately clear that we were in great hands. They were seasoned pros who were able to zero in on Ferno’s essence quickly and efficiently and within hours we had a brand voice that we unanimously agreed was spot on. Near final copy for the website arrived on schedule a few weeks later.”

Peck Euwer, Founder