True Nature Botanicals

What can an organic personal care company do to stand out in a crowded landscape?

True Nature Botanicals
True Nature Botanicals
True Nature Botanicals
Skincare has gotten so complicated these days. Everything claims to be organic. Everyone is touting results. Who do you trust? Building a luxury brand requires moving beyond claims to the ingredients that truly make a difference.

After helping to launch Marie Veronique Organics and contributing to a more than 10-fold increase in sales volume, the company split in two. Luckily, we have the pleasure of helping to build another new brand—True Nature Botanicals—to support Pacific Skincare (which we named) and a new line of solid perfumes.

From the science of skincare to the art of perfumery, True Nature Botanicals is setting a new standard in the industry. They’re spending 5 times more on their ingredients than the competition, but not charging the highest price, thanks to a direct to consumer business model.

True to its name, we communicate with customers honestly and informatively across every customer touch point—from web to email to social. The result: we’re engaging consumers in a grass-roots movement to change the face of the beauty industry.

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“We have worked with Imagineering for over 6 years and I am so impressed by their ability to bring our products to life for our customers. I am certain that Imagineering’s ability to capture what is unique about our products and company has been essential to our success. In prior positions, I found myself constantly reminding copy teams to connect their copy with our strategy. With Imagineering, this is never the case, as a matter of fact, it feels like they are keeping an eye on me which is just how I like it! One less team to manage.”

Hillary Peterson
True Nature Botanicals