How can an app make expense reporting a snap?

ExpenseIt® from Concur does just that. Brought to you by the same gang who developed TripIt® (another of our favorite clients), ExpenseIt lets you capture receipts on the go and automagically prepopulates your expense reports—no typing required. Designed for business travelers who are tired of cramming their wallets with paper receipts and then spending endless hours filling out expense reports, ExpenseIt turns receipts into reports…in a snap.

To ensure a successful launch, we created a messaging platform to establish positioning, differentiation, and key features and benefits. Then we turned that strategy into snappy copy for the web, the app store, emails, video, and more.
Strategic Messaging | Concept & Copywriting: Web, Email, Advertising, Social | Video
“I’ve known Julie and Susan for more than 7 years and have worked with them on a variety of different projects. They are a key component of our team, adding tremendous value with their smart strategic thinking and insights on design conception. They rigorously challenge the meaning of the message to provide clear, concise and clever copy to the target audience. I love working with them—they get it, move quickly and are a ton of fun!”

Fiona Ashley
Director, Product Marketing
TripIt & ExpenseIt from Concur