Select Names

What’s in a name?

We approach naming a little differently than most. That’s because we don’t just name for a living. We are also strategic marketers who help companies tell their story. Which means we bring to the table a broader appreciation for how your name is the starting point for that story. We develop names from which strong messaging can be created to fuel your future marketing endeavors. Here are a few select names we’re super proud of.

B2C Brands

Audacity: A new generation of hearing aids

Credo Beauty: The company on a mission to make all beauty, clean beauty

Hazelicious: Makers of delicious, nutritious hazelnut butters, mylks, and confections

Moonshot Snacks: A climate-friendly food brand, later bought by Patagonia Provisions

Not a Carrot: It’s a cookie made by Michelin-star chef Aaron London that just happens to be gluten free

Smashmallow: A marshmallow snacking sensation from Sonoma Brands

Steamies: The egg-ceptionally delicious new protein-packed snack brand from Outdoor Hens


DomiNite: Digital imagers and sensors created by SRI International for military night vision systems and other low-light conditions

MagIQ hub & TelescopIQ frame: Patented technology for CLIQ chairs

SenSay Analytics: A real-time speaker state platform from SRI International that senses what people say and how they say

XRGo: SRI’s telemanipulation, highly immersive (XR) software for remote control of robots


CalBright College: An online-only California community college to help people develop skills for in-demand jobs

Grit & Growth: A podcast from Stanford Graduate School of Business where Africa and South Asia’s intrepid entrepreneurs share their trials and triumphs

LearnUp Centers: A literacy non-profit dedicated to creating a world of readers

Stanford LEAD: An online business program helping change makers “Learn, Engage, Accelerate, and Disrupt”