Shooter Detection Systems

How do you sell a technology that saves lives?

Gun violence isn’t going away. Active shooter incidents are sadly on the rise. And while prevention is always the first line of defense, the barrage of headlines confirm that metal detectors and video security cameras are not foolproof. Enter Shooter Detection Systems, a pioneer in gunshot detection technology, and a company in need of a complete brand refresh. We interviewed employees and experts, researched the competition, and collaborated with designers to create strategic positioning, messaging, and voice and tone guidelines to help the company tell its story — with urgency, but not fear. Delivering Active Shooter Intelligence™ is now the company’s unique value proposition and “innovating to save lives” is the brand purpose that both customers and employees can embrace.

Scope: Strategic Brand & Product Messaging | Voice & Tone

“Julie and Susan are hands down the smartest copywriting team in the business! They quickly broke down complex technology differentiators to help us refine our product messaging. They got into the hearts and minds of multiple stakeholders to create brand messaging that all agreed on with very minor revisions, making the process a real treat. Their brand and product messaging framework documents are my daily compass that I use to keep me on track and on-brand. I need more Julie and Susan in my life!”

Kendra Noonan
Director of Communications