Sleep Sciences

How do you convince consumers to get screened for sleep apnea—something they either dread or don’t know a thing about?


A little bit of humor, compassion, fear and facts! Like the fact that 85% of sleep apnea sufferers are currently undiagnosed. Yes, getting a good night’s sleep is serious business. No surprise, it’s highly competitive with a crowded field of players.

Enter Sleep Sciences, a revolutionary approach to screening, testing and treating sleep apnea. Our approach to launching the company: strategize to understand the target, develop unique positioning to reach them, and formulate messaging to tell the story. Next, create concepts that deliver on the strategy. And last but not least, develop clear, educational, and engaging copy to encourage action. Got 2 minutes?

Strategic Messaging | Concept & Copywriting: Web, Email, Collateral

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“Julie and Susan helped position our company in a healthcare environment undergoing rapid change and extensive challenges. Medical conditions are scary for most people, but they took some of the gravitas out of our messaging to create a friendly web experience in which consumers were far more responsive and likely to take action. They also played a key role in the creative aspects of our website design, offering compelling and effective artistic direction for our web designer – a truly unexpected benefit! With The Imagineering Company, it’s not just about copywriting – it’s about strategy, unique positioning and anticipating challenges in a competitive environment”

Liz Musser
Director of Sales
Sleep Sciences, Inc.